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The elected officials of several Dayton area First Suburbs initiated exploratory discussions in 2003-2004 regarding the need for and benefits of establishing an organization to focus specifically on the challenges and opportunities facing Dayton metro area First Suburbs.   These discussions led to the formation of the First Suburbs Consortium of Dayton Ohio in late 2005.  It was organized as a Council of Governments under Ohio law and initially included nine cities and two urban townships in Montgomery County.  The Dayton Consortium was patterned after First Suburb Consortiums which had formed earlier in the Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus metro areas.

The First Suburbs Consortium of Dayton Ohio was organized specifically:

¨        To provide a forum for discussion, development and implementation of programs to address issues unique to our membership.

¨        To promote First Tier objectives and priorities at the local and regional level and in cooperation with the Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus organizations’ at the State level.

¨        To identify actual and potential First Suburb challenges and work proactively to resolve them.

Since its establishment in 2005, the Consortium has added two additional cities and one additional urban township bringing Consortium membership to fourteen communities in the Dayton metro area.   Together these communities have a total population of over 300,000 and represent almost 60% of the population of Montgomery County.

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